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About Tint Tek 20/20

Like many companies that go on to become known as pioneers and innovators, Tint Tek 20/20 began with a spark in the form of an idea.

In 1987, Tint Tek 20/20 creator, Andy Babiak was working at a car dealership thinking about how he could make a better life for his wife and family. Believing he had entrepreneurial skills, Andy decided to turn his sights on creating a window film business. He bought a roll of film, a spray bottle and some squeegees and tinted his first vehicle - the coffee truck that came to the dealership. From that point on, Andy would leave the car dealership and tint numerous vehicles around town after hours. After a few months, with the support of his wife, Becky, Andy quit his job and started his window tinting business full-time. Becky’s nursing salary would take care of the family expenses.

It wasn’t long before Andy realized he had a great thing going, and soon he was living the start-up tinter’s life. Long hours. Seven days a week. What ever it took. Two years in, Andy made a decision that would change his life forever. He felt that it was time to move to a busier location. On his first day in his new shop, Andy rolled out his temporary sandwich board sign to attract customers. The result? Eight vehicles - two days work! Excited, he put the sign the following day. Another 10 vehicles - before lunch! Andy realized that if he was going to keep his customers happy, he needed help. As fate would have it, Becky decided to trade her stethoscope for an exacto blade and help Andy with all the work he was starting to take on. Neither of them knew it then but the seeds were being sown for an idea that would eventually revolutionize the window film industry.

For the next 7 years, they worked day and night to keep Tint Tek 20/20’s retail customers happy which was becoming a challenge since 32 car dealerships in the area were sending their customers to Andy and Becky. More times than not, Andy and Becky found themselves returning after closing so they could keep up with the work. Leaving with their employees at the end of the day, they headed home to spend time with their three children. Then, it was back to the shop. The after-hours system was different. Working together, Becky would cut the pattern which Andy would install. It was very efficient but it wasn’t too long before Andy began thinking, if he could find a stream-lined way to replicate Becky’s templates, the time they saved would allow them to be at home with their children at 5 o’clock. After months of research and dedication, long hours and overwhelming stress that tested everyone’s patience, the big breakthrough came. Andy perfected a process of computerizing Becky’s templates which allowed them to slash production time, tint more vehicles each day and reduce their labour costs.

The end result - the world’s first window film cutting software that has became the benchmark in industry. Today, Tint Tek 20/20 is a full-service window film cutting solution provider with an established customer base worldwide.

For more information about Tint Tek 20/20, please email us at 2020@tinttek.com or call 1-877-483-5200.