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Why Tint Tek 20/20

As the first software product on the market for cutting automotive window film, the Tint Tek 20/20 system has several advantages over traditional window tinting and over those companies who have imitated Tint Tek 20/20’s process.

Advantages Over Traditional Window Tinting

Increased Productivity Traditional window tinting is a laborious process in which the film must be measured and cut by hand, usually by placing the film against the car window and cutting out the pattern. This process takes time to learn to do well, is time-consuming, wasteful, and poses the risk of damaging the car window or door as the film is cut. The Tint Tek 20/20 software eliminates the need to cut film by hand so production is increased - even for established tint shops with experienced personnel.

Increased Profits The accuracy produced by the Tint Tek 20/20 eliminates errors and keeps waste to a minimum which leads to lower costs and increased profits. More Time Available The Tint Tek 20/20 can cut a precise template for an entire vehicle in just 2 minutes! Use the saved time to cut more vehicles or take more time off!

Lower Training Costs Finding experienced installers or training personnel to cut and install automotive window film consistently can be difficult and expensive. Because the Tint Tek 20/20 software system is so simple to use, new businesses can instantly compete with established shops. This decreased need for employee training means more profits.

Instant Access To New Templates The Tint Tek 20/20 database has grown to over 10s of thousands of vehicles – dating back to the 70s - with regular updates for new products. There’s no need to buy an upgrade to get the new templates. Just open the software, connect to the web, and download them automatically!

Advantages Over Companies Who Have
Imitated Tint Tek 20/20

No contract to sign Tint Tek 20/20 has a fundamental principal that guides all of its activities. It is simply this: Customers continue being customers because they continue to receive value. A company shouldn’t need a binding contract if it is continuously delivering benefits customers want. Make sure your customers win. That’s the Tint Tek 20/20 contract.

Flexible month-to-month access Tint Tek 20/20 subscribers can use the system on a monthly basis without being tied in to a long-term commitment.

Consistency Every one of the over 10s of thousands of templates in the Tint Tek 20/20 inventory are designed in house. The style is consistent. So is the fit. All the guess work that often comes from working with unfamiliar templates is eliminated so you don’t waste time. When there’s an update, it’s coming from the in-house professional designers who know the templates inside out. Tint Tek 20/20 subscribers enjoy the same consistent value they expect just like when they visit their favourite family restaurant.

No restrictions on brand of film to use
Unlike other companies, Tint Tek 20/20 subscribers are not restricted to using any particular brand of film. Any standard size or brand is compatible. If you would like a recommendation based upon your needs, Tint Tek 20/20 will be happy to assist you.

No relying on internet for each job Constant internet connectivity is not required. The templates are already in the Tint Tek 20/20 software and can be accessed without connecting to the internet.

For more information about Tint Tek 20/20, please email us at 2020@tinttek.com or call 1-877-483-5200.