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Use These Tips For Larger, Faster Profits!


It’s one of the top ways to grow your profits – fast! Many tinters don’t bother with referrals. Maybe they just assume that happy customers will pass along good words about them. Maybe they find asking for referrals uncomfortable. Bottom line: If you just let your customers walk away after tinting their vehicle, you’re leaving money on the table. It’s not the customer’s job to give you a referral. Your customer isn’t thinking about you. He has his own concerns. It’s your job to ask. Assuming that you’ve done good work and the customer is satisfied with the result, asking for a referral is a natural thing to do. FACT: Most people like to help other people especially when it doesn’t cost them anything. It’s as simple as saying to your customer; “I’m really glad that you’re pleased with my work. I’d really appreciate it if you’d pass my name or business card along to anyone else you know who would be interested in having their car windows tinted.” You can always give them some additional business cards that they can pass along. Remember, never ask for a referral when presenting your bill.

Develop relationships with businesses in your area, networking with local shops that provide related automobile and home services (if you do any residential work) is very important. Businesses such as custom tires/wheels shops that don’t provide tinting are perfect for providing you new customers. Find local residential window washers for residential leads. Use your imagination. The important thing to remember for this to be successful is to make sure the “other guy” wins too. It’s a two-way street. You can approach local businesses such as car dealerships, auto detailing shops, repair shops, home improvement stores, home remodeling companies and commercial retailers. This lowers your cost of sales and if you start applying a referral strategy, your profits will soar.

Marketing your business is a continual process. Many tinters fail to stay in touch with prospects and existing customers. It costs them a fortune in missed opportunities. Creating a simple name capture and follow up system in today’s automated world is simple and inexpensive. It starts with capturing information anytime when you get an e-mail or a phone call. That way, you can continue to market to prospects and show the value you offer (not special deals but your expertise and knowledge) until they’re ready to make a buying decision. Then, once they become a client, they you can put their information into a separate database where you can keep in touch on a regular basis informing them of different products and services you might add at a later date. Don’t forget, they have friends and wives they can tell about your ongoing efforts to serve them. The main thing is to stay in touch with useful, relevant information that will be of value to them and profitable for you.

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